KinkyBlueFairy @ Urbanscapes 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015 5:40:48 PM Asia/Singapore

If you’re familiar with the Malaysian festival scene, you would know that one of the biggest and most iconic local festivals of the year is Urbanscapes. Every year, people in Malaysia will converge to celebrate art and music for a whole day; dancing under the stars to acts, both local and international; and this year was no exception. The only difference, was that KinkyBlueFairy was there to help spread cheer and merriment with all our fun merchandises! Held at the Resorts World’s Horse Ranch in Genting Highlands, this year’s lineup included international acts such as Kimbra and Local Natives, and local acts such as Kyoto Protocol and OJ Law, and many more in between!

In an unfortunate twist of fate, Urbanscapes happened to only be a mere 10 days after our return from It’s The Ship. The shipping company in charge proved to be inefficient as our stocks only departed from Singapore on the morning of Urbanscapes. With little time to spare, Joyce decided it would be best if the team went ahead to set the stall up with whatever stock we had, and enlisted the help of photography wunderkind, Jeremy of Rice Photo, to help with the transportation of stock. Unfortunately, the pair had to wait for quite a bit before the stocks eventually arrived at Kuala Lumpur. It was well over 4pm by the time the stocks arrived at the venue. We were scheduled to set up by 2!!!

The day didn’t start off so brilliantly but we got the shop up and running eventually. 


Diffraction glasses: quintessential festival accessory. The diffraction lenses will make sure that everything you see brings glorious technicolour to a whole new level, providing you with your very own private light show at any rave or music festival! It comes in an array of frame colours, and 3 different lens colours. You really want a pair. You just don’t know it yet.  :)

KBF Huggaz
to keep your drinks nice and cold, and stylish if we do say so ourselves. Printed in neoprene, these Huggaz are soft to the touch yet extremely durable.

Temporary tattoos: the tattoos are temporary, but the cuteness is FOREVER.

It just wouldn’t be right without our animal masks. They’re waiting to be adopted. *wink*nudge*

Weng Yee and Sweet Ee, in their respective festival finery.

Fairy Queen showing kids around the world how its REALLY done. At the same time, modelling our tropical leis. And our disco bow headband. #multitaskinglikeaboss #aladyboss

And soon, nightfall was upon us!

KinkyBlueFairy has got you covered, from day to night. LED bangles and hula hoops dotted the night sky like twinkling neon stars as we danced the night away! The LED hula hoops in particular garnered much attention, partly to Joyce’s expert demonstration of it.

From vintage earrings to LED bangles, KinkyBlueFairy not only takes you from day to night, it also takes you on a journey through time!

Last but not least, whatever we do and wherever we are, we always do it with style. So come join us and get your hands on some one-of-a-kind fashion pieces before they sell out!

Alas, all’s well that ends well. Despite the rocky start to the day, we never had more fun and everyone remained in good spirits throughout the day. KinkyBlueFairy would like to thank everyone that made this happen, and also everyone that partied with us in our gear. We look forward to seeing you in more festivals in the future!

(Pictures by Rice Photo)
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KinkyBlueFairy @ It's The Ship

Monday, January 12, 2015 2:42:41 PM Asia/Singapore

It’s The Ship marks KinkyBlueFairy’s first collaboration with Livescape Asia. For those of you who aren’t familiar, It’s The Ship is a five day, four night music festival aboard the award-winning “Voyager of the Seas” Royal Carribean cruise liner; and KinkyBlueFairy was there to light up the scene with our signature splash of colours!

For four nights, the party went on; setting off from Singapore, up along the Straits of Malacca to the crescendo of an amazing private beach party on the beautiful Langkawi island, and back to Singapore. All this happening to the tunes of international music acts such as Dash Berlin, CHVRCHES, Basement Jaxx, Lil Jon, Sasha Grey and many more! Wished you were there? YOU SHOULD HAVE!

KinkyBlueFairy was onboard to spread cheer and colour with our latest range of party gear which includes LED bangles, diffraction glasses, gymnast ribbons, animal masks, and other cool fun stuff!

Meet the #kinkybluefairyteam, which was pretty easy to spot on board with all of our colorful gears around.

Our tropical leis come in a spectrum of colours and were a big hit!

As do our gymnast ribbons, also favoured by many.

It looks just as colourful even under the beautiful night lights!

Lest we forget that style and fun can exist together anytime of the day, with our range of headgear.

The Fairy Queen herself showing all mere mortals how its REALLY done!

And our pièce de résistance comes in the form of latex animal masks! We have an array of animals to choose from such as panda, giraffe, chicken, llama, and even UNICORNS!
You might recognised one of our sales staff wearing our freshly printed shirts around. Don't worry, they don't bite. 

KinkyBlueFairy would like to thank our partners at Livescape Asia for making this happen, and we look forward to spreading our magic at many future events and we hope you will be a part of it too!

(Photos by All Is Amazing,, Rice Photo for It's The Ship x Bate Motel)
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