The brand KinkyBlueFairy first started as a blog in 2004, and was my outlet to write about everything I spent my money on, which happened to be a lot of partying, fashion, food and travel. Across the years, KinkyBlueFairy was commissioned to advertise for over 80 clients like Chanel, Levi’s, GAP, Disneyland, etc.

It’s all amazing and still going on, but I wanted to do MORE!

Hence the birth of this online boutique, an extension of the KinkyBlueFairy brand.

Going into fashion is not something new for me.
I was a Fashion Writer and Stylist for newspapers and magazines up till 2007,
was the Founder and Managing Editor of Tongue in Chic in 2008,
started street label Leftblock (where we did a SS10 show for Nike),
played muse for fashion designers Justin Yap and Jimmy Lim,
was named one of Topshop’s Favourite Bloggers in 2011,
modeled for some fashion spreads here and there,
and hosted events for various fashion brands.


I am that girl who spent her first paycheck of her life on shopping and foie gras.
I can shop for hours and days on end.
In fact, i’ve spent so much money on shopping (i don’t even want to know how much that comes up to, once i started counting the worth of a stack of clothes for fun, got scared and stopped) that i’m pretty sure it makes me an expert in shopping.

I’ve learnt how to edit out items that are less special,
and continue collecting unique pieces.
Things that are mostly filled with lots of colour and pattern,
pieces with cuts that are flattering on the body,
random handmade or vintage things i find by accident on my travels…

Essentially, KinkyBlueFairy will be selling whatever tickles my fancy and things I want to covet.

You may see other online shops selling a similar item or two (some of the same sources are unavoidable for now), but i’d like to say that we CURATE these things for whom i’d like to describe as a FUN COLOURFUL STYLISH PERSON.

Happy Shopping, Be Happy & HAVE FUNNNN!